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Product List

          Air Horn, Air Whistle,
           Alcohol breath Test Detector, Testo, made in U.K or any simllar quality or make
           Aldis Lamp 12V/ 24V, Complete With cable, Shades & Spare bulb in Rigld carring case.
           Anemometer - Digital, Hand Held, Make: TESTO, made in U.K.
           Anemometer - Digital, Hand Held, Make: LUTRON, made in Taiwan,
           ANTI Corrosive Tape 2"
           ANTI Corrosive Tape 4"
           Air Dusters nozzle Dia-2mm L-24 mm
           ANTI Corrosive Tape 6"
           ANTI skid Tapes 2"
           ANTI skid Tapes 4"
           ANTI skid TAPES 6"
           ANTI splash tapes 2"
           Azimuth circle for marine compass/Gyro repeater
           "Barometer (Aneroid) 6""& 8"" (Reconditioned)
           Barometer (Aneroid) 4"" Dia (New Made in Germany)"
           Batons for ISPS requirements
           "Batteries for hand VHF's & GMDSS Walkie, Makes : ICOM, MOTOROLA,
           Bilge Pumps for Lifeboat & rescue boats (hand operated)
           Bilge Pumps for Life boats & Rescue boats 12/24V DC electrically operated
           Binocular 7x50WP / CF, Water proof. Make : NIKON Made in Japan
           Binocular: 7x50WP / CF - compass, water proof, Make: Nikon,Made in Japan
           Binocular: 7x50, Rubberised, Make: optisan , Pioneer, Made in Germany
           Binoculare:7x50, Rubberised,Water proff. Make: OPTISAN, Watersports,Made in Germany
           Binocular: Nit Vision,Make:NewCon- BN5.Generation-1.Made in canada
           Boat Fully inflatable rescue. Make : DSB, ZODIAC, 6 person capacity, with MMD certificate
           Boat Semi rigid (Geminil). (ALEFZ) With fiber Hull. 6 person capacity with self certificate
           Boats of any Capacity any make to order, price on demand, Starting Price indication
           Boat Hook Single Lenth, Aluminum 8ft L
           Boat Hook telescopic, Aluminum 8ft L
           "Boat Paddles, Aluminum 4ft L; 5"" Width Plastic Blade
           Both Paddles, Wooden crafted & lacquered, 4th L5"" Width blade"
           Both inflating Double Action air pumo, made in italy
           "Both Repair kit ( Inflatable ) for Hypation Fabric patch work
           Both Repair kit (Rigid FRP ) for fiberglass bonding "
           "Both Compass, Make: PLASTIMO (Offshore 105) Complete with mounting bracket, magnet
           adjuster, 12/24V inside illumination light"
           "Both Compass, Make: ALEEZ (Offshore 75) Complete with mounting bracket, magnet
           adjuster, 12V inside illumination light"
           Boat Cover made of PU Coated Nylon fabric ( for 6 person inflatable boat)
           Boat Lifting Siling, made of 3mm nylon strap, with spring snap hook at ends
           Boat long cylindrical inflatable dule eye fender
           Boat round inflatable single eye fender (Norwegian buoy)
           Boat Outboard Engine, make: SUZUKI, YAMAHA, MERCURY, PETROL VERSION. 2 stroke
           Breathing apparatus (Airline Bellow type)
           Bright Star 6V, Lantern, Explosion proof. Without batteries.
           Bright Star Torch, 3 Cell, , Explosion proof. Without batteries.
           Bright Star Torch, 2 Cell, , Explosion proof. Without batteries.
           ^ Batteries for the above 6 V dry battery, spring terminal.
           Band-It band 3/8" Cat No: 133. Value Strap. 201 SS
           Band-It band 1/2" Cat No: 134. Value Strap. 201 SS
           Band-It band 3/4" Cat No: 136. Value Strap. 201 SS
           Band-It Buckle 3/8" Cat No: C 253 Standard box of 100 buckles
           Band-It Buckle 1/2" Cat No: C 254 Standard box of 100 buckles
           Band-It Buckle 3/4" Cat No: C 256 Standard box of 100 buckles
           Band It Tool, CatNo: C001 69
           Belzona 1111 - Standard 1 kg pack consisting of resin & hardener
           chart room equipment.
           cylume light stick (green)
           Cargo Siling Bags Polyester 1x1.2x1.2 mtr
           corbodond strong back resin & activator orange
           corbodond strong back resin & activator red
           corbodond strong back resin & activator green
           corbodond strong back resin & activator gray
           chemical suit, for basic chemicals
           chemical suit, for hazardous chemical, make :draeger,trellchem
           davits for rescue boats
           days shapes & singnals. Dimond & ball shapes
           devcon a putty
           devcon sf putty
           devcon putty uw
           devcon titanium putty
           ear plugs-corded
           emergency drinking water for life boat, make:seven ocean. 500ml pack.
           emergency escape breathing device (eebd ) 10-15 mins
           emergency food ration for life boat, make: seven ocean 500gm pack
           "emergency oxygen resuscitators (advance set)
           emergency oxygen resuscitators ( basic set)"
           eyes wash station- portable gravity, 16 gallons
           fire blanket non asbestos woven glass fiber, domestic & industrial use size 6ft x 4ft
           Fiber Glass Tape, 25mm x 30m
           Fiber Glass Tape, 50mm x 30m
           Fiber Glass Tape, 100mm x 30m
           Fiber Glass Tape, 150mm x 30m
           Floor Polish, Make : Johnson,
           Floor Stripper, Make : Johnson,
           Fog Horn, Norwegian rotary type
           Fog Horn, Canister type 300ml Can, for small boats
           GPS, Hand Held, Make , Garmin, Starting price indication
           GPS, Console mounting, Make: Furuno, Garmin, Starting price indication
           Hand Cleaners, Gojo, Unitor, or Any Indian Brand
           Hand flare, Make : Comet, Pains wessex, Ikaros.
           HRU for life raft & Epirb, Make : HAMMAR, PAINS WESSEX, SAMYUNG, SARACOM,ACR
           Hatchets for life boats
           Helmets (HDPE) Non Branded / Branded
           International Shore connection
           IMO symbols & Sings. Size 6" x 6"
           Immersion survival suits.
           Insulating Tapes 3M Skotch 23, 33, 77, 88, 82, A1, 92, A1, Skotch Kote insulating Varnish
           Lantern Battery 6V, spring terminal
           Lead lins, 25 mtrs
           Leak detector spray
           "Leak detector burner - Refrigeration
           Butane cartidge"
           Life boat search light rubberised. ( Aqua Signal )
           Life boat compass 4" dial whit inbuilt light arrangement, brass body
           Lifeboats emergency ration SEVEN OCEAN, DATREX, 500 GM PACK
           Life boat Rubberised Torch, 2 cell
           Life Jacket inflatable Co2 cartridge 33g
           Life Jacket Lights,Water activated, Make: ACR, Daniamant, McMurdo, EJE, and Chinese
           "LIFE Raft, 10-25 person capecity, any make, subject to availability, starting price indication
           Life Raft Servicing, (Material Change printed on tariff)"
           Life Raft & Life Boat Launching poster
           Life Raft Securing Belts
           Life Raft HRU (HYDROSTATIC Release unit), Make: HAMMAR.
           Lifeboat Oars, Steering Oars.
           Magnetic Compass for ships (W.Ludolph/Sestrel/C.plath)6" dial, starting price indication
           Manoverboard Marker (MOB) (set of 2) pains Wessex, Comet, lkaros. With mounting bracket
           Molykote Grease. 1000, GNPlus, BR2 PLUS. 1 KG Pack
           Molyslip, Antiseize compound. 500gm pack
           Mooring Buoys
           Navigation lamps (P-28) 24V,220V
           Navtex paper, price on request
           O' ring Kits (rubber)
           O' ring Kits (copper)
           Oar for Life Boat, 12ft Length
           Oar Lock/ Crutches
           Oil Sounding tape 30 Mtrs
           Oil Sounding tape 20 Mtrs
           Oil Sounding tape 15 Mtrs
           Oxygen Mask for Breathing Apparatus
           Oxygen resuscitator
           Oven Cleaners
           Parachute Rocket, Make; Comet, Pains Wessex, lkaros,
           Parallet RULERS, 18''
           Pipe repair Kit
           Pipe Clamping systems- see BAND- IT Bands & Clamps in B column
           Pilot Ladder
           Penetrating oil
           Razor Wire 450mm, 600mm, 900 mm, Indian & Imported
           Radio Telephone two Way GMDSS, Make: Samyung
           Radio VHF Base mounting, Starting price indication
           Radio VHF Hand Held , Make: ICOME, MOTOROLA, Starting price indication
           Rader Reflectods (Aluminum)
           Rader Transponder (SART).Make: Jotron, McMurdo, Rescuer, Taiyo musen
           Ring Buoys Light
           "Roller Brush mini 4'' (Refill)
           Spare Handle"
           "Regulator, Oxygen & Acetylene, Make Unitor
           Flash back arrestor"
           Signaling mirror for Life boat & RESCUE Boat
           Sing Also See IMO Symbols & Singns in Columm 'S'
           Smoke Helmet with Foot bellow Pump, Hose & Harness (Airline Brething Appartus
           Slings for lifting Rescue Boats
           Smoke detector Spray
           Smoke Singnals: Comet, Pains Wesses, Ikaros.
           Smoke Hoods; Emergency Escape Hood 10/15 minutes.
           Self - idniting lights (for ring buoy)
           Self Content Breathing Apparatus (Also see Breathing Apparatus)
           sounding lead lines
           sounding tapes,15,20,30 mtrs
           steering oars for life boats
           storange cabinets & containers in FRP for lifejacket,oils spill equipment,rates on sizes
           tank cleaning machine with coupling,hose & saddles
           tank gauging & surverying boats (2 person)
           thread locking compounds-rates on request
           UHF walkie talkie,rates on request
           utility floats for anchorage,marking,fendering,size:2ft dia x 4ft l
           Valves,different types,rates against specification
           ventilation air fans for boats,Make:jabsco
           Wind Socks
           Work Vest, Make:Stearns, Seahorse,Billy Pugh.
           Window Wipers,prices on request
           Window,Prices on request
           Wind speed indicator,Hand Held, Make:LUTRON
           Yacht long cylindrical inflatable dual eye fender
           Fire Axes
           FIRE Hoses
           Fire Box
           Fire Nozzle Dual Type
           Fire Nozzle Jet Type
           Fire Nozzle Spray Type
           International Shore Coupling
           Portable Fire Extinguisher
           Fire Bucket
           Fire Hose Bin
           Brass Bell
           Fire Hose Reel
           Alarm Bell
           Alarm Buzzer
           Armed Cable
           Battery 12V
           Battery Cell Aa
           Battery Cell Aaa
           Battery Cell D-Type
           Bed Lamp Fitting With Lamp
           Bridge Rectifier Wityh Heat Slink
           Bulket Light Fitting
           Cable Connector
           Cable Gland
           Bulb 110-V-60W/100W Pin And Screw Type
           Buib 220-V-60W/100W Pin And Screw Type
           Bulb 24 V-40W Pin And Screw Type
           cabel sticker
           Cable tie
           carbon brushes
           cargo light
           circle fluorescent lamp
           Clamp meter
           Electrical blower
           Electrical insulation rubber glove
           d-tape fuse
           cotton tape contactor
           electric moter
           extension cord reels
           fiber glass sleeve
           flexible cable
           glass fuse
           h r c fuse
           halogen fitting
           halogen fitting accessories
           halogen tube 500w/ 1000w
           hand lamp
           heat detecter
           hot plate cable
           hydro meter
           indicator lamp with holder
           insulation tape
           kitchen epuipment 110v/220v
           lamp holder
           motor connector
           multimeter cell
           navigation lamp
           ohm meter
           petroleum jelly
           poratable air blower
           push buttom switches
           pvc flexible pipe
           relay with base
           rotary switches
           slip ring
           smoke detecter
           soldering fluck
           soldering iron
           soldering paste
           soldering wire
           timer with base
           toggle switches
           tong tester
           torch 2 cell
           torch 3 cell
           torch 4 cell
           tube 110v/220
           tube light fitting
           volt meter
           wd 40
           winding wire
           anchor chain
           bruce/plough anchor
           danforth anchor
           nylon rope
           p.p sope
           stock less anchor
           wire rope
           cutting black glass
           cutting gogle
           cutting hose blue
           cutting hose red
           cutting leather hand gloves
           cutting lighter
           cutting lighter stone
           cutting nozzle for da
           cutting nozzle for LPG
           cutting white glass
           d a regulator with gauge
           lide dori
           Lpg regulator with gauge
           marking slate
           oxygen regulator with gauge
           right angle
           welding chipping hammer
           welding helmet
           welding holder
           welding rod ms
           welding rod ms to Ss
           welding rod Ss
           welding transformer
           ball bearing
           needle roller bearing
           tapered roller bearing
           thrust ball bearing
           boiler suit
           chemical suit
           cold room suit
           fire suit
           gum suit
           rain suit
           safety goggle
           safety helmet
           safety shoe
           allenket bolt (inches)
           allenket bolt (mm)
           benzo bolt
           benzo bolt washer
           brass c.s.k screw and nut
           brass nut bolt with spring and plai9n washer (inches)
           brass nut bolt with spring and plai9n washer (mm)
           dowel pin
           greb screw
           haxagon cap nut
           Ms nut bolt With Spring And Plain Washer (Inches)
           Ms nut bolt With Spring And Plain Washer (MM)
           Ms nut Stud With Spring And Plain Washer (Inches)
           Ms nut Stud With Spring And Plain Washer (MM)
           Split Pin (M.S)
           Split Pin (S.S)
           Wing Nut & Bolt ( Brass)
           Ss Nut Bolt With Spring And Plain Washer ( Inches)
           Ss Nut Bolt With Spring And Plain Washer ( MM )
           Ss Nut Stud With Spring And Plain Washer ( Inches )
           Ss Nut Stud With Spring And Plain Washer ( MM )
           Wing Nut & Bolt ( M.S )
           Allenkey Spanner Set
           Ring Spanner Set (MM)
           Fixed Spanner Set ( Inches )
           Box Spanner Set
           Ring Spanner Set (Inches )
           Fixed Spanner Set ( MM )
           Combination Spanner Set
           Gear Oil
           Bearing Greese

          Engine Oil
           Silicon Greese
           Hydrulic Oil
           Multi Purpose Greese
           Inside Calliper
           Compound Gauge
           Breath Analyser
           Flow Meter
           Fill Gauge
           Vaccume Gauge
           Oxyge Analyser
           Pressure Gauge
           Outside Calliper
           Multi Gas / Single Gas Detector
           Thickness Gaugung Machine
           Sounding Tape
           Oil Seal
           O Ring Kit
           U Seal
           Neoprint O Ring
           Dowty Seal
           Double Leap Seal
           V Seal
           Mechanicle Seal
           Hydrulic Seal
           Vitone O Ring
           O Ring Code Kit
           oil filter
           air filter
           diesel filter
           cork sheet
           gland rope
           neoprint rubber joint
           oil gasket joint
           oil paper
           pipe seals
           ball valve
           butterfly valve
           gate valve
           globe valve
           neumetic valve
           niddle valve
           screwed valve
           bulldog clip circlip external (inches)
           circlip external(Mm)
           circlip internal (innches)
           circlip internal (Mm)
           dog leg brush
           marine enamel paint
           marine epoxy paint
           paint brush
           pencil brush
           roller brush
           spray gun
           wire gun
           brass haxcon
           brass round bar
           brass sheet
           copper pipe
           copper sheet
           lead sheet
           ms angle
           ms box pipe
           ms flat bar
           ms h beam
           ms I beam
           ms plate
           ms round bar
           ss flat bar
           ss haxcon
           ss round bar
           ss sheet
           air cooler cleaner-9
           bulldog shalack
           castic soda
           crack detector
           emery paper roll medium
           emery paper roll rough
           emery paper roll smooth
           emery paper sheet rough
           emery paper sheet smooth
           freezon gas
           grinding paste
           pharmatex gasket sealent
           silicon sealent
           speb-7 solution
           water finding paste
           bearing puller
           bench grinder
           bench vise
           c claimp
           center punch
           chain block
           chipping hammer
           combination plier
           cutting plier
           drill beats
           files flat
           files half round
           files round
           files triangle
           greese gun
           hacsaw blade frame
           haydraulic wire rope cutter
           hole punch
           hydrolic jack with pipe and pump
           lifting belt
           nose plier
           oil can
           oil funnels
           pipe thread dies
           pipe wrintch
           scrapper long
           scrapper small
           screw driver
           silicon sealent gun
           tap set
           tool box
           barrel pump
           honda pump
           monoblock pump
           rotodel gear pump
           semiroteary hand pump
           summersiable pump
           asbesto rope
           bow shackle
           buffing wheel
           buffing wheel cup type
           chipping goggle
           cotton hand gloves(palm dotted)
           cotton jute
           cotton rags
           d shackle
           door mat coir
           door mat nylon
           dust mask
           dust pan
           ear muff
           ear plugs expandable scupper plugs
           fan belt
           gloves heat resistant
           grinding wheel
           hacsaw blade frame
           kandle shackle
           love-joy coupling
           mob with handle
           p.v.c bucket
           p.v.c mugs
           p.v.c scoop
           paper wheel
           rotex couplings
           universal joints
           water tap
           white duster
           wooden plug
           yellow duster
           haydraulic hose pipe
           oil hose pipe
           pvc braided hose pip
           rubber hose pip
           bed sheet
           mattresses cover
           pillow cover
           brass armmeto fitting kit
           brass ferul kit
           copper washer kit
           dowel pin kit
           dowty seal kit
           o-ring core kit
           o-ring kit
           split pin kit
           alluminium ladder
           embarkation ladder
           gang way with net
           pilot ladder
           barrel nipple pipe
           brass armeto fitting
           haydraulic fitting
           long bend
           ms armeto fitting
           short bend
           a4 size paper
           ball pen
           box file
           brown tape
           carbon paper
           cello tape
           glue stick
           highlighter pen
           market pen
           note book
           pencil brush
           plastik floder
           pocket note book
           register note book
           spring file
           stamp pad
           stapler pin
           white board marker pan
           writing pad
           direction sings
           fire sign
           forigen flage
           imo posters
           imo symbols
           indian chart
           indian flag
           single flage
           tide table
           DIVING FINS
           DIVING Knife big
           Diving Knife Small
           Diving Hood
           Diving Gloves
           Underwater Still camera
           Underwater diving torch 2 cell
           underwater diving 3 cell
           underwater diving lantern rechageable
           cylume sticks
           compass trek-31w,bracket mount
           MARINE PLUG & Socket set,12v
           bilge pump 600gph
           diaphragm bilge hand pump
           marine plug & socket set,12v
           compass sport x-21 bilkhead mount
           rechargeable spotlight
           deck shoes''skipper'',brown with brown sole
           telescopic boat hook 118/204 cm
           telescopic boat hook 67/101 cm
           kayak paddle
           hercules, single eyelet fender 95x310
           hercules,double eyelet fender 200x560
           foot pump
           fishing&safety chemical light,10x150mm(6'')
           retroreft,tape solas 40m roll
           diving kinfe
           fire blanket 100x100cm in case pvc
           neoprene wetsuit''pro race'' shorty 2,5mm
           neoprene wetsuit''pro race'' shorty 2,5mm
           navigation light bl-colour
           navigational light white
           navigational light green
           navigational light-red
           navigational light-tri colour
           navigational light white
           navigation light starborqad
           navigation light port
           navigation light starborqad
           navigation light mast head
           navigation light starborqad
           navigation light port
           navigation light stern
           navigation light stern
           navigation light mast head
           All Round White PedeStel Light "Junior S12'
           ALL Round White PedeStel Light "Junior S12'
           Navigation Ligth Starboard ( Junior )
           Navigation Ligth Port ( Junior )
           Navigation Ligth Stern ( Junior )
           Navigation Light Masthead ( Junior )
           Navigation Light Economy
           Silling Shoes For Adults, 2mm, 40/41
           Neoprene full wetsuit ''pro race'' 3:2mm
           Silling Shoes For Adults, 2mm, 42
           Neoprene full wetsuit ''pro race'' 3:2mm
           Vhf Antenna, Glomex, Diam, 10cm
           Fuel Line Hose With Prime Bulb (90654)
           inflatable lifejacket lamba auto 150n,solas
           ultrasonic wind meter wind scribe
           ratchet mount antenna base,inox316,63x92mm
           dome light,140mm
           vhf antenna,glomex w/3db gain average,18n
           spot light rubber w/deck plug 12v,55w,halogen beam
           life ring,solas,2.5kg,with retro reflective tape
           life ring,solas,4kg,with retro reflective tape
           advanced adult life jacket, solas,(las code:2010)
           dey bage clear 600x300mm
           refill canister 380ml for signal horn 10033
           signal horn set-380ml
           inspection hatch 21 cm
           inspection hatch 21 cm
           inspection hatch 26.5 cm
           dry bag for small vhf,45x10cm
           dry bag for vhf,50x10cm
           inspection hatch detach,cover diam 14,1cm
           inspection hatch detach,cover diam 16.4cm
           navigation light starborqad
           navigation light port
           navigation light stern
           navigation light mast head
           navigation light port
           navigation light stern
           navigation light mast head
           navigation light starborqad
           brass spring
           bronze spring
           ms spring
           ss spring

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